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Ellafleur, 26
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The Carousel Restaurant

The Carousel Restaurant in Grenada is a charming and inviting dining establishment located in the heart of the island. With its traditional Caribbean d├ęcor and warm atmosphere, this restaurant offers a unique and memorable dining experience. The menu at The Carousel features a delightful selection of local and international dishes, prepared using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Guests can indulge in mouthwatering seafood, succulent steaks, and flavorful vegetarian options, all expertly executed by the talented and experienced chefs. The Carousel also boasts an extensive wine list, with sommeliers on hand to offer recommendations and pairings. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a lively gathering with friends, The Carousel Restaurant is the perfect choice.

The High on the Hog BBQ

The High on the Hog BBQ in Grenada is a popular barbecue restaurant that is known for its delicious and flavorful food. The restaurant offers a variety of smoked meats, including ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. They also have a selection of homemade sides such as macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and baked beans. The atmosphere at High on the Hog BBQ is laid-back and welcoming, with friendly staff and comfortable seating. Whether you're looking for a quick bite to eat or a leisurely meal with friends and family, this barbecue joint is a must-visit in Grenada.

The Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

The Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Grenada is a popular dining destination known for its delicious Japanese cuisine and entertaining dining experience. The restaurant features a hibachi grill, where skilled chefs grill and prepare meals right in front of guests, showcasing their impressive knife skills and creating an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere. The menu includes a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and traditional Japanese dishes, all made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. The restaurant also offers a full bar with a selection of sake and cocktails, ensuring that guests can enjoy a complete dining experience. With its friendly staff, lively ambiance, and delectable dishes, The Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic and unforgettable Japanese dining experience in Grenada.


The Willows

The Willows in Grenada is a luxurious boutique hotel located on the beautiful island of Grenada in the Caribbean. Nestled amidst lush tropical gardens, this enchanting retreat offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere, perfect for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The hotel features elegantly appointed rooms and suites, all designed with a blend of modern amenities and traditional Caribbean charm. Guests can indulge in a range of pampering treatments at the spa, lounge by the pool, or simply explore the stunning beaches and vibrant culture of Grenada. With its attentive staff, picturesque surroundings, and impeccable service, The Willows is the ideal destination for a memorable vacation in Grenada.

Parkway Sports Bar

Parkway Sports Bar in Grenada is a popular hangout spot for both locals and tourists alike. With its vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and top-notch service, it is the perfect place to have a good time with friends or unwind after a long day. The bar offers a wide selection of drinks, including a variety of beers, cocktails, and spirits. They also have a menu filled with delicious bar food options, such as juicy burgers, crispy chicken wings, and savory nachos. Additionally, Parkway Sports Bar features multiple big-screen TVs, showing live sports games and other entertainment events. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or simply looking for a fun night out, Parkway Sports Bar is the place to be in Grenada.

The Gin Mill

The Gin Mill in Grenada is a trendy and upscale bar located in the heart of the city. With its exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and eclectic decor, it exudes a cool and sophisticated atmosphere. The venue offers a wide selection of premium gins from around the world, as well as expertly crafted gin cocktails that cater to all tastes. The knowledgeable and friendly bartenders are always on hand to help patrons choose the perfect drink and provide personalized recommendations. Alongside the extensive gin menu, The Gin Mill also offers a variety of delicious bar snacks and small plates, making it the perfect spot for a night out with friends or a date night. Its central location and stylish ambiance make The Gin Mill a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

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Mississippi Blues Trail

The Mississippi Blues Trail in Grenada is a must-visit for music enthusiasts and history buffs alike. This trail takes visitors on a journey through the rich musical history of the Mississippi Delta. From the humble beginnings of blues legends like B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf to the vibrant juke joints and recording studios that played a crucial role in shaping the blues genre, the Mississippi Blues Trail offers a fascinating glimpse into the birthplace of American music. In Grenada, visitors can explore iconic sites like the home of blues pioneer Mississippi John Hurt and the historic Bounty Store, where blues great Skip James once worked. With its captivating stories and legendary sites, the Mississippi Blues Trail in Grenada provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the soulful sounds and cultural significance of the blues.

The Cotton District

The Cotton District is a historic neighborhood in Grenada that is known for its charming character and unique architecture. Developed in the early 20th century, the district was originally home to cotton warehouses and mills, giving it its name. Today, it has transformed into a vibrant and eclectic residential area, with colorful, Victorian-style homes lining the streets. The district is also popular for its walkability and sense of community, with plenty of local businesses, restaurants, and coffee shops within easy reach. Whether strolling through the tree-lined streets or attending one of the neighborhood's regular events, The Cotton District offers a charming and lively atmosphere that attracts both locals and visitors alike.

The Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta in Grenada is a picturesque region located in northwestern Mississippi. It is known for its rich and fertile soil that produces bountiful crops, making it a hub for agricultural activities. The delta is characterized by its flat and marshy terrain, dotted with rivers, streams, and lakes. It is also renowned for its vibrant music scene, particularly blues and jazz, which have deep roots in the region's African-American heritage. The Mississippi Delta in Grenada offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural significance, and a warm Southern charm, making it a must-visit destination.

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FlirtsOnly is a fun and playful dating website designed for individuals who enjoy the excitement of flirting and are seeking meaningful connections. With its innovative features, users can engage in flirty conversations, exchange playful messages, and explore their compatibility with potential partners. Whether it's for finding love, casual dating, or simply making new friends, FlirtsOnly provides a vibrant and flirtatious environment to help users find their perfect match.

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IntimateMilfs is a dating website designed exclusively for younger men who are interested in connecting with older, experienced women seeking companionship and intimacy. With a user-friendly interface and advanced search features, the platform focuses on matching like-minded individuals in their pursuit of genuine connections and memorable experiences. IntimateMilfs offers a secure and discreet environment for its members to explore their desires without judgment and with a shared understanding of their preferences and expectations.

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ZoomHookups is a dynamic and innovative dating website that brings people together through virtual connections. With its cutting-edge video chat feature, users can meet and interact with potential matches from the comfort of their own homes. The platform emphasizes authenticity and connection, providing a safe and convenient space for individuals looking for meaningful relationships in the digital age.

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SinglesHello is a vibrant and dynamic dating website that aims to connect singles from all walks of life. With its user-friendly interface, SinglesHello provides a seamless online dating experience, allowing users to easily search, match, and chat with potential partners. Whether you're looking for a casual fling or a long-term relationship, SinglesHello is the perfect platform to find your compatible match.

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MeetFlings is a sizzling dating website designed for adventurous individuals seeking exciting and short-term connections. Whether you are looking for a thrilling fling or a passionate rendezvous, MeetFlings offers a platform to connect and explore with like-minded adults. With a user-friendly interface and discreet profiles, this platform is perfect for those seeking memorable encounters without the commitment.

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