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sandradwith, 37
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The Cottage Cafe

The Cottage Cafe is a cozy and charming cafe located in the picturesque town of Cashmere. As soon as you step inside, you are greeted by the warm and inviting atmosphere adorned with floral decor and vintage accents. The cafe offers a delectable menu featuring homemade meals, including hearty breakfast options, tasty sandwiches, flavorful soups, and scrumptious desserts. Whether you're looking for a relaxed brunch spot or a place to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee, The Cottage Cafe is the perfect destination. With its friendly staff, delicious food, and charming ambiance, it's no wonder why locals and visitors alike flock to The Cottage Cafe for a memorable dining experience.

The Old Mill Cafe

The Old Mill Cafe in Cashmere is a charming and cozy café nestled in the heart of downtown. Housed in a restored old mill building, the café exudes character and history. Stepping inside, you are greeted by the familiar scent of freshly brewed coffee and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The café offers a range of delicious homemade baked goods, including pastries, pies, and breads, which are all made from scratch daily. In addition to their delectable treats, they also serve a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Whether you're looking for a quick bite to eat or a leisurely coffee break, The Old Mill Cafe is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy good food in a charming setting.

Anjou Bakery

Anjou Bakery is a charming bakery located in Cashmere, Washington. Known for their delicious breads and pastries, Anjou Bakery has quickly become a local favorite. The bakery is dedicated to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, resulting in a fresh and flavorful selection of baked goods. From their famous baguettes to their delectable croissants, every item at Anjou Bakery is made with care and passion. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it the perfect place to grab a quick breakfast or meet up with friends for a leisurely brunch. Whether you're in the mood for a sweet treat or a hearty sandwich, Anjou Bakery is sure to satisfy all of your cravings.


Cashmere Club

The Cashmere Club is a social and recreational club located in the quaint town of Cashmere, Washington. Situated in the heart of the beautiful Wenatchee Valley, the club offers its members a wide range of amenities and activities. With a stunning view of the Cascade Mountains, the Cashmere Club provides a welcoming atmosphere for individuals and families alike. Members can enjoy a variety of sports facilities, including tennis courts and a swimming pool, as well as a fully equipped fitness center. Additionally, the club hosts regular events and activities, such as social gatherings, community outreach programs, and live entertainment. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or engage in active pursuits, the Cashmere Club is the perfect destination for all your recreational needs.

Milepost 111 Brewing Company

Milepost 111 Brewing Company is a popular brewery located in Cashmere, Washington. The brewery is named after its location, right off Milepost 111 on Highway 2. Known for its craft beers, the brewery offers a wide variety of unique and delicious brews. From classic IPAs to flavorful stouts, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The taproom provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cold beer. Additionally, Milepost 111 Brewing Company often hosts live music events and food trucks, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Overall, Milepost 111 Brewing Company is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts looking to experience the best of Washington’s craft beer scene.

The Hitching Post Tavern

The Hitching Post Tavern is a cozy and inviting bar located in the heart of Cashmere, Washington. With its rustic decor and friendly atmosphere, it is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a drink with friends. The bar offers a wide range of drinks, including a variety of beers on tap, craft cocktails, and an impressive wine selection. The Hitching Post also boasts a delicious menu of pub-style food, including burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Whether you're looking for a casual night out or a place to watch the game, The Hitching Post Tavern is the ideal spot.

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Cashmere Cider Mill: A popular spot to enjoy locally crafted hard cider and other apple-based products.

Cashmere Cider Mill is a beloved destination in Cashmere for those seeking delicious locally crafted hard cider and other apple-based products. This popular spot offers a charming and welcoming atmosphere where visitors can indulge in a variety of ciders made from locally sourced apples. The mill also offers non-alcoholic options for those who prefer to enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of apple cider without the alcohol. In addition to their wide selection of ciders, the Cashmere Cider Mill also offers a range of apple-based products such as apple butter, apple pie, and apple fritters that are sure to please any apple enthusiast. Whether visitors stop by to sample the ciders, indulge in a tasty treat, or simply soak in the cozy ambiance, Cashmere Cider Mill is a must-visit spot for apple lovers and cider enthusiasts alike.

Club Crow: A laid-back pub with live music, pool tables, and a cozy atmosphere.

Club Crow is a laid-back pub located in Cashmere. Known for its high-quality live music, the pub provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere where locals and visitors can relax and enjoy themselves. The venue also features pool tables, adding to the fun and entertainment. Whether patrons are looking to listen to talented musicians, challenge friends to a game of pool, or simply unwind with a drink, Club Crow offers a welcoming and vibrant space for all.

Cashmere Coffee House: A charming café serving specialty coffee drinks, pastries, and light meals.

Cashmere Coffee House is a charming café located in the heart of Cashmere. It offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for customers to relax and enjoy a variety of specialty coffee drinks, including artisanal lattes and cappuccinos. In addition to coffee, Cashmere Coffee House also serves a selection of delicious pastries and light meals, perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch. The café's friendly staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, making it a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. Whether you're looking for a caffeine fix or a place to catch up with friends, Cashmere Coffee House is the perfect destination.

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InstaFlirt is a cutting-edge dating website designed to facilitate quick and effortless connections. Users can create profiles that showcase their personality and interests, and then swipe through potential matches in their area. With an emphasis on instant gratification, InstaFlirt revolutionizes online dating by providing a seamless and efficient platform for flirty conversations and exciting meetups.

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SingleCupids is a revolutionary dating website designed to help singles find their perfect match through the power of personalized matchmaking. With its unique compatibility algorithm, SingleCupids offers a seamless and enjoyable online dating experience, connecting like-minded individuals based on their shared interests, values, and relationship goals. Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or simply a fun date, SingleCupids is the ultimate platform to navigate the world of online dating with ease and confidence.

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NakedLocals is a revolutionary dating website that embraces the idea of being upfront and honest about one's intentions. Catering to individuals seeking casual and adventurous encounters, the site creates a comfortable space for like-minded adults to connect and explore. With a focus on personal freedom and open-mindedness, NakedLocals encourages users to embrace their true selves and find connection on a deeper level.

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LustHookup is an adventurous dating platform designed for those seeking passionate connections and thrilling experiences. This daring website brings together individuals who are unapologetically open-minded about exploring their deepest desires and fantasies. With its user-friendly interface and extensive member base, LustHookup offers an unmatched opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals looking to ignite their love lives with excitement and unbridled passion.

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DiscreetlyMeet is a unique dating website designed for individuals seeking discreet and private connections. With a focus on privacy and anonymity, users can create profiles without revealing their true identity. This platform offers a safe space for people to explore their desires and meet like-minded individuals while keeping their personal lives discreetly separate.

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